1 Jan Happy New Year

Yikes.  I know people say time flies but what a year.  sooo much has happened.  think about it.  and when you do think about the great things in your life.  I know there is some real crap and some real haters that you wish would just disappear.  but when I look back it seems like last new years was a thousand years ago.  my 15 year old daughter seems like she has been in my life for a hundred years – like I never had life without her. (did anyone see the move ‘the jerk’ where he enumerates how his week went?)  time really is subjective and there is some level of choice as to how you experience it.  there is so much positive stuff out there and you can cram a bunch of it into each day.

lets make 2018 the best year of our lives crammed with amazingly positive stuff

so resolutions are the thing right.  for at least a week.

I have been on a ketogenic diet for 2.5 years.  (1 jul 2015 start date) I have lost 120 pounds – depending on the day and the holiday immediately proceeding.  all my health stats are good except for “big blood cells”.  whatever that means.  I asked my doctor what causes these big blood cells..  and she said one of two things… 1) drinking a lot of alcohol or 2) la la la, probably doesn’t matter…I stopped listening to what was probably some description a some incurable degenerative disease, because clearly we can stop at door number one with too munch alcohol.  so on 27 December I began an experiment – a scientific experiment to determine if I have the disregarded disease or if it is in fact the wine that I drink by the vat that has caused big blood cells.  my test should be on or about 11 January – I know you are all going to die from stress waiting.  but I shall report whether red red wine who has been so good to me for so many years has finally wreaked some havoc.

so first resolution: no alcohol until we determine big blood cell culprit and maybe until forever as I am getting of age though someone posted an article that 65 is now still considered young (obviously written by a 64 year old)( or a 90-yo who’s kids still bug him)

second resolution – this website.  I will add blogs where people ask advice and I answer – not that I know “diddlysquat” so take it or leave it.

third resolution – continued pursuit of art.  to includes art journaling, silk painting, mixed media

fourth resolution – wear makeup except to bed.  someone of you may know that I had semi-permanent makeup done which is euphemistic for I had my eyelids tattooed – the eyeliner was done with like a real tattoo machine.  but the eyebrows – micro-blading they call it – I am certain this is how prison tats are done.  the eyeliner is supposed to last up to two years and I would definitely do it again.  the eyebrows – not sure the “blading” is gross.  any way the result is I wake up this way. without eyeshadow or lip color.  so I shall endeavor to ‘finish’ my make up each morning.  also had eyelashes lifted which only last three months but by far what I believe to be essential semi-permanent makeup.  biggest difference least pain or expense.

fifth resolution: more reading.  one year I read like 40 books and some of them were really long.  I am not sure I read five last year.  anyway, I was given three great book recommendations each by two people with whom I am really impressed and they seem to be really dense.  so goal is to get through those 6 books.  wish me luck – I feel better about saying six books and not 40 seems more doable.

I also have been drinking too much coffee, am too mean, too melodramatic, not calm enough.  I am sure I will have resolutions in those realms as well.

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