Et Voila – the bagel


so the days leading up to my conversion to Keto (the advent of which I was completely unaware), I had been busily perfecting a “new York style bagel” only thinking of them as new York style as I imagined somewhere in new York was the bagel I was seeking.  I am not a frequent visitor to the city but let me just say, I never found that bagel (feel free to leave comments about where it is in the city that never sleeps)

I was using a recipe from cooks illustrated and it was perfection though it took me a couple tries to really get it perfect.  Many special ingredients such as barley malt syrup or something like that, extra gluten, I had to actually buy extra gluten to add to the gluteny flour – but we all know that is why those things are all so chewy and gooey.  yum.

anyway, literally days within having made the perfect bagel and actually imagining myself opening a chic little bagel shop in an urban venue, I converted to keto.  great!  My keto conversion was immediate, complete and has lasted without any setback for 2.5 years.  One tip someone gave me and I have shared with you was “replace breads” with keto things.  well the bagel eluded me.  Until now.

thank you to:  and

Keto Bagels (fathead)

I will not try to compare these to “new york style” extra-gluten counterparts instead will attest that they completely stand on their own in bagel-ville.

I will add the link to my recipes page under Keto.

here is a picture of the recipe with my metric conversions on the right.

bagel metric

the 5.9 dl of mozzarella was a 500g bag of shredded cheese so that was handy


Here are my little bagels ready for the oven – -the recipe called for six but when I was looking at them they seemed too big so I made 8 instead


here they are done on the plate with one cut open and yes they are chewy


and of course I had to eat one!


so the recipe from will be on my recipe page

other questions/hints I saw about this:

fathead dough does seem to flatten out – so I thought mine were too brown and took them out – I think leaving them cook as long as you can stand is a good option – I will try that next time and let you know how it goes.

also good fresh baking powder – mine is certainly old and beat up – so I think that too is a good call

and others have used donut pans to help out.  I have one at my other house and not available to me for this batch – I will try that next time.

enjoy your bagels!

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