Spa Day

Well, I thought I had been exfoliating…

Today I decided to try a local spa and get a 90 minute massage.  There are places to get a la carte services but papillon is not one of them.  so while i tried to get just a massage they were reticent to do anything but a package and i thought what the heck I will get a facial too. and then all of the facial and massage effectively come with mani pedi and before I know it i am sucked into package “I”.  Well it also comes with a “moroccan bath” – well i did not grow up in a house with servants or a bidet so I had no idea what this was.  and what it is… is a lesson in exfoliation.  leave no dead skin cell unturned.  yikes.  that said, for anyone who can avail themselves of this service – do it.

so those of you like me who have no clue… the moroccan bath is where someone else bathes you and then exfoliates you (firmly).  and yes you are all but in the full buff.  you go into this big shower room with a drain in the floor all tiled with a tiled bed area and your attendant come in to bathe you.  I seriously did not know this was a thing – never crossed my mind.  so they shower you a bit – rub some exfoliating savon on you and then you sit in a very steamy steam bath for several days… or hours… or maybe like 15 minutes – it seems like forever.  so before you go in, clear the safe word with your non-english speaking bath attendant “done steam?” “please” more steam?” “no more steam” “ok more steam” … sound of  door closing because you can only see the world of white around you.  you would think you were right in the middle of one of those clouds you see on airplane from above, other than the part where it is like 300 degrees.  “for the love of GOD no more steam!”  and of course the steam builds and wanes throughout the duration so the hissing gets louder and lessens and then ramps right back up again and with each ebb, I am like oh yay, ok wait no okay I can make it.  the good news is i probably have no more toxins in my eyeballs, they sweat so much.

finally the steam is off and my dear attendant returns to loofah me (with my own private loofah that i get to keep and bring back for next time).  now I know why my pets hate those curry combs. double yikes.

so during the loofahing, I keep my eyes closed.. because they are sweating and because in general it is a new experience and it is relaxing.

But I am also struck by something else… the service of this person.  I always think about an ultimate gift or service as being the washing of the feet.  and living in a country whose motto should be “got sand?” one can really get the sand on the feet thing and what a service that would be to have someone washing them instead of your roommate barking at you to leave your shoes at the door. So when I get a massage or a facial or anything,  I think about the energy they are putting into me through their hands and i get really grateful for it and appreciate and try to really feel that energy, and  I always try to send energy back at the service provider through their hands.  I pray for them and all their family and wish for them to win lotteries and live long healthy lives and I thank God for their touch of service and healing. so that is another reason i keep my eyes closed.  and let me tell you, I tripled prayed for this chick because she was not just washing some dust off my feet.

so imagine my surprise when i finally opened my eyes and saw huge gray globs all over the place – dead skin!!!!! ick.  but of course my loving bath attendant told me that was normal.  okay thanks.  still gross.  however, the results are like amazing.

so then you get more soap and cream and massage and rinsing and she washes your hair and conditions it and geez.  like what a huge gift.  and then I am scheduled for an hour massage followed by an hour facial with scalp massage, followed by mani pedi with mini massage.  so I am going back tomorrow (jk)  I have to grow some more skin to kill so I have dead skin for my bath attendant.  seriously, definitely going back and if you ever come to visit me…  You are going too – no visitor shall take dead skin home with you.  all dead skin goes down the drain in the bathing trough at papillon!

so back to I thought I was exfoliating….

for the moms out there.. you know how you think you are putting the babyseat in the car right and then you are at family fair at your kids school where the fire dept is going to make sure all the baby seats are in correctly and you are glad to let them check because you know they will say ” Oh Mrs. Jones this is the first time I have ever seen a baby seat installed correctly!  you are a super mom”  but instead, they climb in your car and put their entire 220lbs of firefighter weight on it and show you the slack in your installation that would allow your child to fly through the windshield and land two blocks in front of the car if you even slow down to avoid hitting a squirrel?  You know how you were doing it wrong?  Well, that is what I learned about exfoliation today.  I thought i was ridding myself of unnecessary skin cells which no longer served any purpose – but boy was I wrong.  again amazing results.  makes me want to go to Lush and pretend i need a moisturizer demo so they will say oh my goodness your skin is so soft and exfoliated – only a professional can appreciate the soft exfoliatedness of my newly excavated skin. No I won’t do that – I will just tell all you fine people about how awesome my skin feels now from being professionally exfoliated.

what is going to happen tomorrow?

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