1 july – happy anniversary to me – keto

seriously – i just had this great idea and as i was taking the 30 seconds to log on i lost it.  that is why some people are professional bloggers and I am not

but anyway – today is my 3 year anniversary of keto and having lost a thousand pounds.  well only 100 but given that i am wearing a size 32 urban outfitters jeans i really don’t care about the number as much as i do the result.

oh and btw.. at firefly a couple weeks ago two 20 somethings (and they were very cute) called me a milf – which i am completely un-offended by and which i completely take as a compliment.

so today is a great day as this is the three year anniversary of my keto revolution which came as a result of reading grain brain.  i do not tell others what to eat but everyone i know who is on a keto diet has achieved miracles.  but you do you.

and today i am in abu dhabi moving into my amazing new ‘flat’ and i will have an amazing stove and i will cook amazing keto foo on it.

wish me luck moving!

see you tomorrow.



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