so maybe I will turn over a new leaf and actually try to figure out this blogging thing.

I am stuck in a plateau on my keto journey – the last 20-ish pounds.  so elusive!  goal is to knock off 10 by 4 October.

also – funny story – I have been on this way of eating (woe) for 3 years.  one of my best friends just started after one of his colleagues started a month ago.  She said “I started Keto and I feel soooo great!  based on being inspired by you – oh and this other person who started a month ago….”  Is it me?  or do I not feel very inspirational?  Like you watched me shrink over the past three years and it was so inspirational it took some twig in your office to put you over the edge?  Not that I really care – well obviously I do because I am telling all y’all about it – I mean I just think it is a bit odd to suggest that I was the inspiration when it really seems office chic is.

Also I have another VERY dear person in my life – who is pretty thin but not feeling in control of their weight.  He started Keto and had some immediate success 3 pounds – and then ‘screeeccchhh’ (sound of brakes) – NOTHING for like 5 or 6 days – totally discouraging.  It is my total commitment that this friend – I shall call him Bernie for the sake of privacy – that Bernie will discover the power of keto and be able to forever control weight and health.

and another dear friend…. started maybe a couple months ago – not sure her status – I shall call her Jamie for privacy.  I will find out and follow up.

Point is so many people say diets are very specific to individuals and keto won’t work for just anybody.  that may be true but the people who have tried it and kind of gotten through the transition to a new “way of eating” – looking at it really as a long term thing instead of a diet – seem to have the same kind of success I have.

Like it isn’t temporary – and your old way of eating with kit-kats and pizza – all that bread, starch, grain and gluten – is the temporary thing – like you can have all that anytime you want – but that shouldn’t be the long term way you eat.

well I am stuck too – so maybe I should mix in a kit kat!

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