egg fast blog 1 march

first – credit where credit is due

then – my confessions of a not egg fast proselyte

I drink red wine during egg fast – so take all what i say with a grain of grapes

yesterday i had the egg pasta – fettuccine alfredo – which is easily a top 10 food on any diet and the noodles can be mixed with any sauce off egg diet.

today i had the pancakes – doubled the recipe but that is my one meal a day (OMAD)

yesterday to today i lost about a pound

but that needs to be in the context of i ate like crap for about three weeks before that.

bread galore, sugar… all kinds of non keto stuff

today i had the pancakes – doubled the recipe and washed them down with (you guessed it) some cheap table red

i will update you on my weightloss tomorrow which i am sure will be epic

or maybe it wont.

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