keto recipes

best advice ever – replace all bread things – and just replace your favorite foods with low-carb alternatives – don’t suffer.

my big ones are crackers, tortillas, pizza crust and bread/hamburger-sandwich buns (for buns now using 90-second breads)

here are my current go-to recipes – WARNING – go google the original recipes because I have adapted these and make no promises! Also the google search will take you to all the great websites that helped me all along the way!

I will add a couple recipes here later but also look up 90-second bread, 90-second english muffin and low carb mug cakes – i just made a cinnabon fat bomb mug cake which is definitely a keeper – will update recipe link later.

00 tortilla

00 crackers

00 fathead pizza

00 multi purpose bread recipe carton

the multi purpose bread recipe has alternates for a FULL carton of egg whites

new!!! Bagels!!!! yay!!!! credit to and

00 fh bagels

here are handwritten metric conversions (on the right)

bagel metric   bagel4

see my blog on bagels for my sad bagel story and some cooking tips.

Et Voila – the bagel