23 Dec Keto tips

so here are my tips:


FAT does NOT make you FAT – it give you better more efficient fuel

Whatever your weakness is – get a replacement – mine was crackers and cheese – so I replaced the crackers and carry them with me everywhere.

Drink lots of water

add psyllium husk to stuff – you can sprinkle it on any thing and it adds great fiber to your diet particularly if you go heavy on meat

You can do this AND be a vegetarian – coconut oil, avocados will become a staple

If you are lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs) keto can be super easy – eggs are good staples

COUNT macros in grams of carbs, protein and fat.  If you don’t get enough fat in proportion your body will convert protein to glucose so just like eating bread (sad face)

i try to count 20g carbs, 80g protein 100g fat.

don’t make fun of gluten free or keto people like I used to do before i converted (and lost a ton of weight).

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