2 Jan – bad art

I love art but mostly I love other peoples art.  I only have one thing I am remotely interested in painting and it doesn’t take a horrible amount of talent and is fast and I am impatient.

But anyone who like art and wishes they could do something should it is never too late and here is so much good instruction on youtube and other venues to learn to express yourself through a number of media or craft.

My sad art story goes like this…

I was in sixth grade and seriously LOVED art class more than anything.  It was in the coolest classroom ever sort of like the studio in ghost or the loft in flashdance – like this total warehouse looking place that jus had paint and supplies everywhere stacked on high metal shelves along the wall.  That is still like my dream space. we sat at beat up long tables and did our projects.  even then I wasn’t talented but I tried really hard.

so we did this one project and I guess I am still not sure what the assignment was but I loved my piece.  it had something to do with shapes and outlining and adding words in various spaces.  Or so I am still telling myself.  anyhoooo, when the assignments were being handed back, the teacher held mine up and said, “look class, look at this piece” and he turned in an arc so everyone could see it and I was so stinking proud.  I was so ready for him to tell me he liked the piece as much as I did.  Or that he was going to say something moderately complementary.  Here is what he said/did… He said, “this student did not follow the instructions.” and then he tore my painting in half. he discarded to the side and then went on to say something else. that sounded like …lalalala…. go back to math class.

so 20 years later when I was divorced and reinventing myself, I took an art class and have been dabbling in an ad hoc and uncommitted manner for the following 25 years.

by dabbling I mean I buy every art supply known to man and do only a handful of projects. so I painted something kind of crappy tonight. in about an hour.  it is a first attempt, but if one person out there who has never painted and wants to says – you know what – I too could be that bad then YAY! I have achieved my days goal.

here are the fish (I hope) – the first is my inspiration piece which is a paper collage – very cool. NOT my work. (there are napkins in the bottom right corner of my excellent photo – not part of the inspiration

fish orig

and here is my rendition:

fish study

the bottom guy totally looks like perry the platypus if you ask me

I could have fixed that but it made me laugh.

so go to the art store and but some paper and a starter set and express yourself.

you can share your art with me and I will tell you how BEAUTIFUL it is.

have a great day.

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