Keto Tips Feb 27 2021

Tips for keto

  1. Keto-fy your favorite most indulgent guilty pleasure foods
    • If you love cinnabon – find a cinnabon keto recipe – they are out there
    • Crackers, bread, tortillas, pasta, pizza crust – there are replacements
      • Not going to lie some are better than others and none completely replicate wheat flour gluten
      • Find the keto foods that you have been denying yourself (bacon, avocado, whipped cream, cheese) and put those fun things in your diet
  2. Focus on eating fat
    • Read articles
      • What if its all been a big fat lie
      • Fed vs fating state
    • STOP counting calories
      • Find some good “macros”
      • Focus on getting enough fat
      • Watch your grams of protein
      • Minimize grams of carbs
      • See fed vs. fasting state – too much protein and not enough fat will turn to carbs
    • The fat stored in your body will not leave unless your insulin level is below the threshold to use fat
  3. Understand calories
    • While calorie deficit is ultimately the deal – you want your body to burn (stored) fat and not carbs – that is why you go into ketosis (see article fed vs fasting state)
    • Excess carbs are stored as fat
    • Your brain burns MORE calories than any other system in your body and it generally does it while you are asleep
    • Your basal or resting metabolism does 90% of the calorie burning (without exercise)
  4. Understand sugar/glucose and insulin
    • If you have high insulin you cannot burn fat as fuel – period.
    • When you have high insulin in your blood – ALL protein, fat and excess carbs are stored as fat and your body will only process glucose for fuel
    • Low glucose (carbs) = low insulin = ability to burn fat for fuel – including stored fat
  5. Change your view on exercise
    • Exercise is about strength, endurance and flexibility (and sculpting)
    • Weight is all about diet and being able to deplete the stored FAT
    • You burn less calories in a workout session than 2 slices of bread give you (probably not exactly accurate)
  6. Resources:
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