New Adventure – keto restart

so yesterday was my first full day in Riyadh. I really hadn’t weighed myself in forever as the last six months have been super hectic leaving Abu Dhabi, which I used as a total excuse to carb load… almost none of the last chance bread was worth it. gained weight for the first time in years!!!!!

but upon arrival, I have immediately turned over a new leaf and got right back on the keto train.

so no lie – i got up to 100kg (booooooo) during the past six months – which were only keto in the most non-keto way (butter on my croissant – yikes) but i have turned it around and according to test strips went right back into ketosis after about 2 days and am back losing again.

I did use fasting – 14 hour plane rides are a GREAT fasting exercise. and because i am so jet lagged i did start out with a pretty long first day fast and sleeping to get on schedule.

i did leave the hotel yesterday to buy new exercise shoes and I then did exercise (like jazzercise) for 30 minutes. today I fasted all day. but tomorrow i will break-fast and kind of go on the keto egg plan (i don’t like calling anything that includes food a fast so i don’t call it an egg fast).

today i went to the grocery and mall – carrefour at granada mall – i did NOT do any keto shopping because there is no sense until i move into my new flat/room with shared kitchen. though I will start making sure I do a keto review every time i go to a store after getting settled. for these first two weeks though – I am going to rely on the included breakfast at my hotel for an egg heavy keto meal plan.

another not gonna lie to you – the lack of alcohol makes everything easier.

so the overall goal is to get under 79 kg. but that is like the goal for the year.

I will start by trying to get back into the 80s!


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